ABR Consulting Engineers LLC

 To Satisfy Clients Needs

The projects listed are projects based on Albert Rubio P.E. 25 plus years of engineering experience in working with high profile companies. .

Benson Auto Sales (10,000 SF Bldg., Approx. $850,000 Construction cost) San Antonio, Texas

Wilford Hall Medical Center (800,000 SF Bldg. Approx. $200,000,000 Construction Cost) Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Texas

Chevron Chemical Co. (500,000 SF Bldg., Approx. $110,000,000 Constr. Cost) San Antonio, Texas

Paesano’s Treeline Restaurant (30,000 SF Bldg., Approx. $2,250,000) San Antonio, Texas

SACU Ingram Bank Bldg. (10,000 SF Bldg., Approx. $800,000 Constr.  Cost)

Project List