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         5.) Designed and select split case pumps with variable frequency drives to operate a VFD centrifugal water chillers cooling systems by maintaining a minimum flow through the water chiller consisting of a variable frequency drive (VFD) primary chilled water loop and a secondary chilled water loop to distribute chilled water to a large campus loop.

         6).  Large steam heating central plants utilizing steam to water shell and tube heating exchangers along with large hot water storage tanks with mixing valves to produce the required high and low water temperature for the facility. 

         7). Experience with electronic monitoring control system (EMCS) utilizing BACNET protocol control systems and smoke control systems for all high rise buildings. 

         8). Experience with plumbing system utilizing sovent and conventional waste and vent plumbing for high rise buildings. 

         9). Experience with fire protection systems utilizing National Fire Protection Associations (NFPA) 13 systems and NFPA 14 for standpipe systems including NFPA 20, NFPA 24 for high rise facilities.

         10). Experience in the medial gas systems covering NFPA 19 for medical facilities. 

         Other responsibilities and experiences included a lead project manager, a lead mechanical engineer, a lead plumber engineer and computer station operator working with windows 7 by implementing software such as CAD release 2010.

        Mr. Rubio and his staff is very knowledgeable in Revit software and load analysis programs such as Trace 700, elite, carrier E20II along with the software tools to create documents such as Com-Check, Adobe XPro, excel spreadsheet, Microsoft word, Microsoft Power point, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft outlook.


Throughout his professional carrier he has worked with high profile companies as noted below:


· MACTEC Consulting Engineers, San Antonio, TX  (March 2010-August 2011)


· MEP Consulting Engineers, Richland Hills, TX  (October 2009-Feb. 2010)


· O’Connell & Robertson Inc. ,  San Antonio, TX (July 2006-May 2009)


· Goetting & Associates, San Antonio, TX  (Sept. 1996-June2006)


· HMG & Associates, San Antonio, TX (July 1995-Sept. 1996)


· Marmon Mok, San Antonio, TX (Sept. 1993-June 1995)


· Martin Engineering Inc, San Antonio, TX (Sept. 1993—June 1995)














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