ABR Consulting Engineers LLC

 To Satisfy Clients Needs

Skeet Lodge Las Palmas Ranch  Approx. 3,926 SF, Tilden, Texas Arch: Madeline Anz Slay Architecture PLLC

Children Center of Rehabilitation Institutional Teleton (44,125 SF Bldg. Approx. 6,000,000 Constr. Cost)

Crystal City Apartments ( 6 Two story apartment Buildings Approx. 77,500 SF and $10 million Construction  Cost)

900 West Zavala, Crystal City, Texas

Shell Office Design Phase 1 (3,258 SF) and Shell Design River Level Restaurant Phase 2 Approx. $3 Million in Construction cost

139,141,143,147 and 149 East Commerce, San Antonio, Texas

· More details...Designed the mechanical VAV roof top HVAC system consisting of  VAV and fan powered terminal unit boxes with electric reheat. The main heating for the rooftop system consisted of natural gas heating.  Designed the conventional plumbing system with re-circulating hot water system and sized and specified the medical gases piping and equipment.  Designed the electrical load service to the building at 120/208 for normal power and a dedicated critical branch service to critical areas.  Designed the lighting to comply with IESNA illuminating guidelines.




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